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dB-TOPSTOP - Reduce room-to-room sound transmission in drop ceilings

Ceiling Noise Blocker System
Up to 30% greater performance than mass-loaded vinyl alone

There is no need to renovate to get rid of the noise. Designed specifically to reduce the frequencies of the human voice, dB-TOPSTOP solves the office-to-office noise problem in existing buildings with acoustic ceilings.

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Product Features

Significantly reduces airborne noises for a more peaceful, more private atmosphere

Acts as an air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency

Flexible and easy install

Does not contain PVC

Made in the USA

Longer life as compared to typical Mass Loaded Vinyl

The dB Difference

Stopping sound waves is not just about a barrier's thickness.

dB-TOPSTOP is a unique material that combines a dense, flexible layer of protection with a fibrous insulation layer.

This formula is able to trap sounds of all different wavelengths and keep them out of your space!


dB-TOPSTOP is made from high-quality raw materials to ensure optimum performance.

dB-TOPSTOP is also 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

Unlike MLV, our EVA does not harden over time or pose health risk if burned.


Product Data:

Product Dimensions: 2'x2' or 2'x4' size, (source side) 3.05mm (0.12in.) thick non woven polyester adhered to a 3.05 mm (0.12in.) mass loaded vinyl barrier backed with 0.08mm (0.003 in.) flame retardant fabric (receive side)

STC-27 Test Method: E90-09 and E413-10

Flammability rating of Class A Test Method: ASTM Designations E-84. Standard Test Method for "Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials." The 25-foot tunnel method is also described by NFPA 255 and UL 723 Laboratory.


A composite of three sheets of material to create a high-performance sound blocking barrier.



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