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dB Sound Control Solutions offers various sound blocking, absorption and isolation materials designed to fit your unique requirements. Our acoustical flooring, wall and ceiling products are specially engineered and rigorously tested to reduce disturbances from airborne and impact noises, providing you with the sound control you desire. Along with their superior performance, dB Sound Control products are quick and easy to install and can be used in both new and existing structures.


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Sound Barrier for Floors

Reduce impact noise up to 75% with this sound absorbing subfloor material. It’s easy to install under any hard surface flooring, including carpet, hardwood and ceramic. It can be loose-laid, making installation quick and easy.

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Sound Barrier for Walls, Ceilings & Plumbing

dB-3 is used primarily behind finished wall or ceiling surfaces to block and damp noise across the sound spectrum. It is also extremely effective as a pipe and duct wrap to block additional noises.


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Premium Wall Sound Barrier & Isolator

dB-MAX offers the best protection against noise with up to 30% better performance than mass-loaded vinyl alone. It’s flexible and is designed for installation in new and retrofit wall applications. Reduce noise inside your structure by up to 75% with dB-MAX.


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Ceiling Noise Blocker System

dB-TOPSTOP is the most effective at reducing the sound of human voices, solving the office-to-office noise problem in existing buildings with acoustic ceilings. It can be installed over existing or newly installed suspended ceiling tiles.

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Acoustical Solutions

EkoStop is a highly versatile acoustical, thermal and sound dampening insulation material that is lightweight and durable. It can be used as an acoustical insulation, a tackable/pinnable surface, for impact resistance and wall protection, as a thermal insulation, for sound dampening, and as a backing material for fabric coverings. EkoStop provides excellent acoustical performance and is ideal for use in the absorption of airborne noise. It also has excellent pin-holding characteristics and, unlike cork, will not break down over time.



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