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EkoStop Acoustical, thermal and sound absorbing insulation

Acoustical Insulation

EkoStop is a highly versatile acoustical, thermal and sound absorbing insulation material that is lightweight and durable. It can be used as an acoustical insulation, a tackable/pinnable surface, for impact resistance and wall protection, as a thermal insulation, and as a backing material for fabric coverings. EkoStop provides excellent acoustical performance and is ideal for use in the absorption of airborne noise. It also has excellent pin-holding characteristics and, unlike cork, will not break down over time.

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Product Features

Fabricated from 100% non-woven polyester and contains 60% post-consumer content

Can be faced, clad or used in its raw state

Non-toxic and non-allergenic

Won't rot, deteriorate or change color over time

Resists bacteria and fungal growth

Can be easily fabricated on the job site with standard tools

Made in the USA

The dB Difference

EkoStop offers numerous benefits depending on the application. It offers serious impact resistance and can even be used as a shock absorbent flooring underlayment.

EkoStop provides exceptional acoustical performance, reducing airborne noise and transmitted sound and also provides excellent thermal insulation.

The material holds pins and thumb tacks far better than cork and will not break down or crumble.


EkoStop is non-toxic, non-allergenic and is VOC-free

EkoStop is 100% recyclable at the end of its life

LEED credits are available with the use of EkoStop

EkoStop Product Data
Acoustical Insulation


Reduce disturbances from airborne noise and transmitted sounds in new and existing structures:


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Preparation and Application

  1. EkoStop can be cut and installed using standard materials
  2. Apply EkoStop directly to drywall, concrete, CMU or other ASTM E 84 Class A materials
  3. EkoStop can also be used as a component of pre-made acoustical and tackable panels, modular panel systems as well as ceiling tiles, baffles, clouds, diffusers and as flooring underlayment and as an acoustical component of HVAC systems


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