dB-MAX Wall Products - Reduce sound pressure by up to 75%!

Acoustical Sound Barrier & Isolator
Up to 30% greater performance than mass-loaded vinyl alone
dB-MAX offers the best protection against noise. Used by architects and contractors. This flexible material is designed for installation in new wall and retrofit wall applications. Install dB-MAX between the exposed studs and the drywall to reduce noise inside the structure by up to 75%! This innovative material has been tested and certified to meet sound transmission class (STC) standards and create quieter, more private spaces.

Our products damp and isolate airborne sound throughout homes, offices, apartments, and condominiums. All of our materials are 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

Product Features

Significantly reduces airborne and impact noises for a more peaceful, more private atmosphere

Acts as an air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency

Flexible and easy install

Does not contain PVC

Made in the USA

Longer life as compared to typical Mass Loaded Vinyl

The dB Difference

Stopping sound waves is not just about a barrier's thickness.

dB-MAX is a unique material which combines a dense, flexible layer of protection with a fibrous insulation layer. This formula is able to trap sounds of all different wavelengths and keep them out of your space!


dB-MAX is proudly made with post industrial recycled material that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

dB-MAX is also 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

LEED credits are available with the use of dB-MAX.

Unlike PVC, our EVA does not harden over time or pose health risk if burned.

*Isolates impact noises & airborne noise

dB-MAX Product Data - Acoustical Barrier & Isolator

Real-World Performance

While the STC measurement is an easy-to-use universal measurement of sound transmission, it does not tell the whole story.

The sounds around us come in a wide range of frequencies, but the STC only measures one point in that range - at 500 hz. The values in this table represent the sound lost in transmission (the amount of sound the wall absorbed).

dB-MAX Product Data - Acoustical Barrier & Isolator

Reduce disturbances from airborne and impact noise in new and existing structures:

  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Multi-family living units
  • Hotels
  • Bedrooms
  • Music rooms & home theaters
  • Conference rooms & privacy protected areas

Preparation and Application
  • Surfaces to receive dB-MAX should be clean and dry.
  • Installers should utilize acoustical sealant, tape, sound rated putty and sound isolation materials to preserve the acoustical integrity. Do not use dB-MAX within 2 feet of can light fixtures.
  • Install vertically so seams fall on studs.
  • Attach at the top only with screws and staples. dB-MAX will be secured permanently when the finished wall material is fastened.
  • dB-MAX may be used on existing finished walls and covered with another layer of drywall.

**For detailed installation of dB-MAX, reference installation instructions