dB-4 Flooring Products - Reduces impact noise by up to 85%

Subfloor Sound Barrier
IIC: up to 70
This sound absorbing subfloor material is easy to install under any hard surface flooring and can reduce imapct noise up to 75%! Install dB-4 to diminish impact sounds in any structure. This sound barrier will reduce both impact noises as well as act as a barrier for moisture and air. It can be used with any flooring material - including carpet, hardwood, and ceramic. It can be loose-laid making installation quick and easy.

Product Features

Significantly reduces airborne and impact noises for a more peaceful, more private atmosphere

Acts as an air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency

Flexible and easy install

Does not contain PVC

Made in the USA

Longer life as compared to typical Mass Loaded Vinyl

The dB Difference

Stopping sound waves is not just about a floor's thickness.

dB-4 is a unique material which combines a dense, flexible layer of protection with a fibrous insulation layer. This formula is able to trap sounds of all different wavelengths and keep them out of your space! Compatible with ceramic tile, wood and carpet.


dB-4 is proudly made with post industrial recycled material that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

dB-4 is also 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

LEED credits are available with the use of dB-4.

Unlike PVC, our EVA does not harden over time or pose health risk if burned.

dB-4 Real-World Performance

The dB-4 out performs the untreated floors at each frequency, though the difference in performance varies by frequency. These values represent a single layer of dB-4. It is best to prepare your structure for all frequencies of sound to ensure the most comfort.

dB-4 Product Data - Subfloor Sound Barrier

Reduce disturbances from airborne and impact noise in new and existing structures:

  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Multi-family living units
  • Hotels
  • Bedrooms
  • Music rooms & home theaters
  • Conference rooms & privacy protected areas

Compatible with a variety of flooring materials:
  • Carpet      Wood
  • Ceramic & Tile

Preparation and Application
  • 1. Position dB-4looring with EVA (black) side in accordance with the finishing flooring to be used
  • 2. Place dB-4 edge to edge to cover floor
  • 3. Cover the dB-4 with the finishing floor material
    • a. Carpet layers can go directly on top
    • b. Wood floors can be nailed directly on top
    • c. Laminate floors can be floated directly on top
    • d. For ceramic tile floors: install the dB-4 apply thin set and install the tile per the manufactures instructions
  • 4. Vinyl and Carpet flooring: White side down
  • 5. Other common flooring types: White side up

**For detailed installation of dB-4, reference installation instructions